Bohinj Apartments 300m from lake Bohinj

Bohinj apartments

Bohinj apartments - TriglavTRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK

Our house with rooms Pri Ukcu and Lake Bohinj apartments is situated on the west side of Lake Bohinj in the village of Ukanc. It lies in a really attractive location in the TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK. In summer, you can go swimming in the lake or hiking to the mountains, especially to the beautiful Triglav Lakes Valley. In the winter, you can go skiing to the sunny Vogel Ski Center. The place really is a paradise for all of you, who enjoy spending time in the beautiful and peaceful nature.

Bohinj apartments - Waterfall-BohinjPARADISE FOR MOUNTAINEERS

Lake Bohinj Apartments and Rooms are situated only a few minutes from the west shore of Lake Bohinj. The wonderful Savica waterfall is 30 minutes (by foot) away. The house is a starting point for various paths, leading to the tops of many mountains in the TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK.

Bohinj apartments - Vogel in winterWHITE SPORTS

Our house is also a great location for all the guests who wish to go skiing to the Vogel Ski Center. It is only about 700 m away from the lower Vogel cable car station. Sunny weather and ski slopes, located in the mountains about 1500 m above sea level, with a view of Lake Bohinj and the Bohinj Valley, are the best reasons for your visit.

Bohinj apartments - pricture of Lake Bohinj2SECRETS OF THE LAKE

Lake Bohinj offers you a chance to go swimming, kayaking or canoeing, diving, fishing and many more. If you want more exciting adventures, you can go canyoning to the Mostnica River or rafting on the Sava River.

Bohinj apartments - cultural attractivenessCULTURAL PEARLS

Hiking and walking around Bohinj, you can see many cultural pearls. You can visit museums, monuments, traditional farmhouses and small wooden houses on the mountain pastures. In almost every village, you can admire renovated churches that tell about the culture of the people in Bohinj. In summer, you are invited to join Bohinj locals to celebrate our festivals ...


In our surroundings, all guests who are interested in nature can find a variety of alpine flora. Crna prst mountain and the Triglav Lakes Valley are the most well known places.

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