Bohinj Apartments 300m from lake Bohinj

Bohinj apartments

We also have a small apartment house situated only 30 m from our main house. with rooms. You can book one four-bedded apartment in the ground floor (Apartment 4) and another in the first floor (Apartment 3) of the house. Each apartment has its own entrance and two bedrooms (for four people), a living room, kitchen and a shower with a WC.

There is a beautiful meadow in front of the house, where you can spend your free time playing all kinds of sports and sunbathing.

Apartment Bohinj Lake 4 in the house Ukanc 77 (groundfloor):

  • Bohinj-apartments-Ukanc77_1
  • Bohinj-apartments-Ukanc77_2
  • Bohinj-apartments-Ukanc77_3
  • Bohinj-apartments-Ukanc77_4
  • Bohinj-apartments-Ukanc77_5
  • Bohinj-apartments-Ukanc77_6
  • Bohinj-apartments-Ukanc77_8
  • apartments_1
  • apartments_2
  • plan-bohinj-apartments-4

Apartment Bohinj Lake 3 in the house Ukanc 77 (first floor):

  • Bohinj-apartments-3_1
  • Bohinj-apartments-3_2
  • Bohinj-apartments-3_3
  • Bohinj-apartments-3_4
  • Bohinj-apartments-3_5
  • Bohinj-apartments-3_6
  • Bohinj-apartments-3_7
  • Bohinj-apartments-3_8
  • Bohinj-apartments-3_9
  • plan-Bohinj-apartments-3

In the winter, the apartment is in a dream house, particularly when there is a lot of snow.

You can heat both apartments with electricity, one apartment in the ground floor also has the stove, and the place will be quickly warm enough for you.

Apartments Bohinj Lake no. 1 in 2
(Ukanc 78a)
(Ukanc 78)

Apartments Bohinj lake 3 in 4
(Ukanc 77)